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Pardesi Paresh's World

SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2005
About Me

About Me


Name: Paresh Madhaparia
DOB:  27th August 1979
StarSign: Virgo
"My Favourite" :
Colour:  Blue
Food:  Sakoni's Chilli Paneer
Drink:  Milk
Restaurant:   Chetna's - Wembley
Singer(s):  Sonu Nigam
                 Hari Haran
                 Ghulam Ali
Song(s):  Changes Regularly
Actor/Actress:  Robert De Niro
                        Madhuri Dixit
Movie:  Goodfellas
"Three things I would like to do in life":
1. Record a popular track
2. Record a quality track
3. Earn lots of money from it
Achievements: Hope to achieve something major soon

"My memorable moment":  So far...190 mile stroll across England
Hobbies/Interests:  Singing, listening to Indian music, cricket, computers and meeting new people.
Words of wisdom: Respect the wiser

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"Go for the Moon.If u don't get it, you'll still be heading for a Star"