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SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2005
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SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2005

Paresh Madhaparia in Challenge 2005

He’s come a long way, but Challenge 2005 contestant, Paresh Madhaparia, won’t give up till he’s reached the winning end

Vivian Avenue, Wembley to aamchi Mumbai was but a short step for 24-year-old Paresh. Paresh to some, and ‘Pari’ or ‘Pras’ to friends, this Brit boy is among the ten finalists in the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa's Challenge 2005. It was a long journey to the hot-list, but then for a banker with a song on his lips, this was the ideal platform. Paresh auditioned without any hopes, but ended up making it through one round after another. “I went for the audition since I had nothing to lose. Little did I realise that getting selected would mean so much to me.” His mother may have been his driving force, but his muse remains his best friend and soul partner, Bhavesha, who he met during a stage performance. “We got married fairly early. I was only 19 then. She brings out the romantic in me,” he gushes.

Paresh has been brought up in London, which is why his Hindi (with a smattering of Gujarati) is not up to scratch. But despite this, our Kutchchi ‘chokro’ is geared up to set the stage ablaze with his rendition of soulful old Hindi music. In fact, he believes that being a part of Challenge has been an immense learning experience for him. After all, the mentors associated with the competition are held in high esteem as far as the music fraternity is concerned. Is there a better platform for someone contemplating singing as a career?

“I feel light-headed when addressing a small audience… I am meant for the larger crowds,” says this confident young man. Talking of which, he proudly remembers the time Salman Khan made a cameo on Challenge and rooted for Paresh all the way. So much so, that the ‘borderline’ Paresh, with Salman's standing ovation, sailed smoothly into the final list. There are times he is so over-powered with the spirit of competition that he has to give up his favourite leisure pursuit – cricket – for practice sessions. “There are days when we are shooting and India performs really well in a match. I miss watching cricket, especially with during peak season. But it is nothing compared to this once-in-a-lifetime experience,” he is quick to add.
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A nice article about him.

Yes, seeing all his performances and dedications... he is becoming a quite popular... And he is improving day by day.

Yes... for him, we can quote ...phir bhe dil hai Hindustani....

Silky Moon

Paresh will definitely go a long way...


"Go for the Moon.If u don't get it, you'll still be heading for a Star"